Guttering and gutter brackets and fittings. Farm Buildings
Amazon steel guttering, gutter brackets and fittings.
Amazon Type A & Type B galvanised steel guttering for farm barns and
equestrian buildings, gutter brackets and fittings - direct from the manufacturer.
Old plastic guttering. Galvanised steel guttering for barn and farm buildings from Farm Buildings Direct, Warwickshire.
The facts about guttering.…

Many buildings today utilise cheap plastic guttering. This is easily damaged, warps in the sun and comes apart at the joints. This means leaks and overflowing gutters, damaging the building and its contents. The revolutionary “Amazon” gutter puts an end to this - permanently.
Whereas plastic and fibre cement gutters require support brackets at less than 1 metre
spacing, the new Amazon guttering system only requires brackets at the building’s strong
points (the stanchions) which can be up to 6.1 metres apart.
The Amazon gutter is constructed from 2mm thick galvanised steel with 4mm thick
galvanised brackets.
Type A gutter is used on new buildings and for retrofit on old buildings (often to replace
leaking plastic and asbestos gutters).
Type B gutters are primarily designed for use on large new buildings.

Benefits of Amazon Guttering:
   Double the rain collecting capacity over 6" plastic guttering
   Similar price to conventional guttering systems
   Longer unsupported lengths make it quicker and easier to install with less joints
   Strong enough to withstand ladders and more resistant to heavy snow falls
   High volume water flows mean less likely to block
   Fewer downpipes are required which saves on underground drainage
   Designed to accept future "lean-to" sheeting
Technical Comparison with Half Round Gutters.
Technical specification for Amazon Type A Gutters and guttering.
The flow characteristics of the
Amazon Type A gutter compare
favourably with 200mm half
round gutter.

There are less brackets,
less joints, less leaks.
Amazon Guttering - Designed in the Cotswolds by a British team led by a Chartered
Structural Engineer with over 25 years experience in Industrial and Agricultural buildings.
Heaviest duty guttering system in the industry – but around the same price as other systems.
Amazon Type A Gutter Amazon Type B Gutter
Amazon Type A Galvanised Steel Guttering Amazon Type B galvanised steel guttering
Guttering bracket for Amazon gutters. Guttering Bracket

Type A + V.A.T. each
Type B  + V.A.T. each
Gutter outlet bracket from Farm Buildings Direct. Gutter Outlet Bracket

Type A only   + V.A.T. each
Gutter end stop bracket. Gutter End Stop Bracket

Type A   + V.A.T. each
Type B   + V.A.T. each

Type B with weir overflow (not shown)   + V.A.T. each
Gutter down pipe bracket from Farm Buildings Direct. Gutter Down Pipe Bracket

+ V.A.T. each
Gutter down pipe insert from Farm Buildings Direct. Gutter Down Pipe Insert

Type B only  + V.A.T. each
Gutter section from Farm Buildings Direct. Guttering section. Guttering Sections Available in:

Type A - 4570mm (15ft) and 6100mm (20ft) Lengths,
2mm thick   P.O.A. + V.A.T. per metre
Type B - 6100mm (20ft) Lengths,
2mm thick   P.O.A. + V.A.T. per metre
The Amazon guttering is recognised as the leading guttering system
in use today – available at direct from the factory prices.
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